Orchestral Days

Our regular rehearsals culminate in orchestral days twice a year. We invite additional players to these events, to fill gaps in our ranks and to give an opportunity for players who live too far away to come regularly or have other commitments on Saturday mornings. These days generally consist of rehearsals on our current repertoire in the morning and early afternoon followed by a concert or play-through. Refreshments during the day are provided by players, who are asked to bring a contribution to a communal picnic.

Orchestral Day 19th January 2018
This was certainly one of our best Orchestral Days, playing Smetana Vltava, Holst Somerset Rhapsody and Dvork Symphony 'From the New World'. We had a few problems with sickness leading up to the event, and unfortunately had to find substitutes for a number of players. It all came together beautifully on the day, and, although not without flaws, our performances were lively, energetic and musical.
Thank you to all who participated and attended.

Our next Orchestral Day

Our next orchestral day will take place on 6th July 2019, when the programme will consist of:

                                                         Weber - Oberon Overture
                                                          Elgar - Cello Concerto

                                                          Beethoven - Pastoral Symphony

Our soloist in Elgar Cello Concerto will be Sophie Rivlin, who astonished us with her performance of Haydn last Summer.                                                     

If you are interested in participating and would like further details as they become available, please contact us.

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